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We provide Cloud Agnostic solutions for businesses of any size.

Our main goal as a company is to empower your business to achieve its true potential through the implementation of the latest technologies, leveraging the power of the cloud, to give you the ability to grow faster than your competitors.

Our Services

Managed Cloud

Stop worrying about not having the in-house expertise to take full advantage of the Cloud. Nebulai will manage your Cloud infrastructure by providing a flexible management framework that ensures the highest return of your Cloud investments.

Cloud Migration, & Implementation

Migration and implementation projects can be cumbersome and time consuming. Nebulai has the years of expertise to tackle any Cloud project. Additionally, we will migrate your on premise or Cloud infrastructure for free.

Cloud Business Applications

Running business applications is one of the main reasons why companies are transitioning their workloads to the Cloud. We, at Nebulai, can help you with that transition by migrating and implementing your applications without disrupting your business operations.

Cloud Asessments (Cost, Security, and Compliance)

The Cloud has changed several IT best practices, including the way you architect business solutions to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Nebulai provides cost, security, and compliance assessment services designed to help you run a risk-free business.
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Top 3 Motivators for Adopting the Cloud


Business Flexibility
Is the percentage of businesses looking to implement Cloud solutions due to the speed of deployment and flexibility it can provide.


Trade CapEx for Opex
Is the percentage of businesses that adopt Cloud solutions in order to trade their Capital Expenses for Operating Expenses (OpEx).


Replace Legacy Systems
Is the percentage of businesses that adopt Cloud solutions in order to replace their legacy non-supported systems to new supported ones.

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