Portfolio Category: Cloud Assessments

Cloud Compliance Assessments

  Compliance is the third largest concern that business have before adopting the Cloud. It is important to have a real understanding of the necessary requirements that your business has before adopting any Cloud provider. We, at Nebulai, will take in consideration your business requirements and will assist you finding the right Cloud provider.
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Cloud Cost Assessments

Designing applications for the Cloud is a challenging task due to the multiple differences between Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and the traditional way of deploying infrastructure. CSPs have many diferences such as in scalability, availability, and supportability. Nebulai will take all of those considerations before assessing your current Cloud configuration in order to provide you with…
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Cloud Security Assessments

  Security in the Cloud is the primary concern of any business even before considering the Cloud as a platform to run their mission critical applications. From our experience, businesses that adopt the Cloud do not normally have the in-house expertise to deploy a mission critical application that has all the considerations necessary to avoid security risks.…
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