Soulbind Digital Credentials


Soulbind streamlines digital credential management with non-transferable tokens for businesses. Create, distribute, and manage tokens with ease. Update or revoke tokens to maintain control. Enhance user engagement and increase revenue with loyalty programs, achievements, and identity verification. It’s perfect for credentials, tickets, reputation, achievements, identity, token gating, governance, and membership. Show off all digital credentials with an easy-to-use profile page. Soulbind’s no-code implementation with a white-label SDK saves money and development time. No knowledge of Solidity or smart contracts is required. Try Soulbind today!

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Product Description

Soulbind is a digital credential management platform that simplifies the process of creating, managing and interacting with non-transferable tokens. With features like a user-friendly dashboard, a white-label SDK, and no-code implementation, Soulbind provides an easy and affordable solution for businesses and communities to create digital credentials like credentials for completing a course, tickets, reputation badges, and more. The digital credentials can be distributed through links, email, or wallet addresses and can be revoked or updated by the issuer, providing more control over the tokens. Soulbind's platform also offers a profile or resume page for users to showcase all their digital credentials, increasing engagement and retention for users. Businesses can use digital credentials as rewards for completing activities or as part of a loyalty program, increasing brand awareness and driving sales and revenue. The versatile platform can be used for credentials, tickets, reputation, achievements, identity, token gating, governance, and membership. With Soulbind, businesses and communities can easily and affordably create and manage digital credentials to enhance their offerings and improve user engagement.

Technology Features:

  • Create digital credentials (non-transferable tokens)
  • Analytics/management dashboard
  • No-code solution
  • White-label solution
  • Simple user onboarding (sign up with email/wallet, no transaction costs)
  • Distribution methods (send credentials with links, email, or wallet addresses)
  • Revokable (set the option for the issuer or receiver to destroy a token at a later time)
  • Updatable (set the option for the issuer to be able to update the token at a later time. E.g for dynamic reputation badges)

Business Outcomes:

  • Easily create digital credentials (non-transferable tokens) for your business or community.
  • Save a lot of money and developer time by using our SDK to implement non-transferable tokens into your product. The SDK is in Javascript/Typescript so no knowledge about Solidity or Smart Contracts is required.
  • Easily create a profile or resume page for users that show all their digital credentials.