Decentralized Solutions and Talent

Nebulai's Decentralized Solutions & Talent Marketplace (DSTM) is more than just a traditional marketplace. It is a collective intelligence ecosystem of technology-agnostic solutions, composite architectures, and an intellectual property monetization platform. The DSTM is a new type of marketplace that focuses on simplifying solution delivery and preserving the integrity of Solution Providers and Talent.

The DSTM uses a combination of centralized and decentralized technologies to facilitate business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions in an ecosystem that is more agile, scalable, and robust. The DSTM is designed to be a massively disruptive platform that aims to eliminate intermediaries, reduce risk, and improve compliance.

Nebulai's DSTM provides organizations, solution providers, investors, and talent with a single decentralized platform in which they can transact solutions and talent. The DSTM creates a mechanism to automate technology contracting and funding by reducing friction, lowering legal costs, and increasing time-to-value. Our DSTM allows organizations to find and connect to technology solutions providers and talent by reducing counterparty risk, allowing for faster solution development, more efficient talent contracting, and easier intellectual property monetization thru Smart Contracts.

The DSTM has various benefits including less risk, better compliance, increased agility, financial efficiency, and accelerated digital transformation. Nebulai’s governance framework and economic incentives of the DSTM are designed to promote the platform's usage and protect the system against unauthorized, unfair, or illegal use.

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The Problems

Complex Solution Contracting

Organizations' contracting process is complex, expensive, slow, and prone to errors, fraud, and abuse that are costly to companies and talent.

Inaccessibility of Capital

Capital which is difficult and cumbersome to get. Investors need a platform that can bring new prospects and monetization opportunities with predictable results.

Siloed & Expensive Ecosystems

There are too many siloed ecosystems that offer vendor-specific technology solutions and talent ecosystems that charge high contracting fees (up to 30%).

Centralized Ecosystems

There are several marketplaces but due to their centralized nature, they only provide solutions that run on their platforms, impose arbitrary rules, and high transaction fees
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Market Opportunity


$T in B2B Marketplaces
According to McKinsey B2B marketplaces will funnel $17T of global revenue by 2030


$T in Digital Transformation
IDC estimates that by 2023 Organizations will spend a close to $7T in Digital Transformation


$T in Technology Spending
Gartner projects that technology spending will surpass $4T by 2022

Our Solutions

Simplified Contracting

We provide simplified contracting through Smart Contracts which automate the verification of complex deliverables, automate contracting, and allows for faster payments.

Modern Ways of Accessing Capital (DeFi)

Our marketplace allows organizations to leverage new technologies through new funding funnels while providing investors a new money-making opportunity.

Integrated & Cost Efficient Ecosystems

We combine procurement & contracting of solutions and talent into a single ecosystem which allows for the development of combinatorial solutions, new IP monetization opportunities, and reduced transaction costs.

Decentralized Ecosystems

Our DSTM features emerging technology & vendor-agnostic technology solutions, democratizes access to the platform, removes intermediation & bias, and lowers contracting and transaction fees.

Nebulai's Decentralized Marketplace offers a range of benefits, including increased security and confidence through its decentralized and distributed nature, reduced risk and intermediation, improved compliance through immutable and traceable transactions, increased agility through faster settlement and access to new talent, and financial efficiency through reduced transaction costs and new investment opportunities. The DSTM can be utilized by a variety of industries, including private enterprise, government, education, talent, and investment, to drive innovation, digital transformation, and monetization of skills and talent.

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The Decentralized Solutions and Talent Marketplace


DSTM High Level


The Decentralized Solutions & Talent Marketplace platform offers several benefits to companies, solutions providers, and talent.

Some of the main benefits of this platform are:

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: The platform allows companies to acquire solutions and talent in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, by eliminating intermediaries and establishing direct relationships with solutions providers and talent.

Better Alignment: The platform allows companies to better align their needs with the solutions and talent on offer, by providing a wide range of emerging technology solutions and talent, and allowing companies to access a global pool of solutions providers and talent.

Data and Intellectual Property Protection: The platform is designed to be transparent and secure, with transparent pricing and secure data storage and transfer, which helps companies to acquire solutions and talent with confidence, knowing that their data and intellectual property are protected.

Accessibility: The platform is accessible to a wide range of companies, regardless of their size or location, by providing a global pool of solutions providers and talent, which can be particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Global Audience: The platform also benefits solutions providers and talent, by providing them with a global audience, which can lead to increased visibility and opportunities. Solutions providers and talent can establish direct relationships with companies, which can result in more efficient and cost-effective engagements.


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