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In today's rapidly changing world, adaptability and efficiency are key. This is where Nebulai's Decentralized Solutions & Talent Marketplace (DSTM) comes into play. We're more than just a marketplace; we're the nexus of innovation where businesses, individuals, and groundbreaking ideas interconnect, collaborate, and prosper.



the Marketplace and Transactions

Nebulai's Decentralized Solutions & Talent Marketplace (DSTM) pioneers a smarter, more efficient marketplace by harmonizing the best of centralized and decentralized technologies. We're redefining how businesses and consumers transact, leveraging smart contracts and state-of-the-art technology to eliminate intermediaries, reduce risk, and enhance compliance. This results in a confidence-inspiring platform where businesses and individuals can connect and transact directly with ease.


The Innovation Hub

for Tech Solutions & Talent

The DSTM stands as a comprehensive hub for organizations, solution providers, investors, and talent. We've streamlined the process of technology contracting and funding, simplifying the journey for businesses to locate the precise solutions and talent they need. The DSTM is your one-stop solution for innovation and talent.


Empowering Ideas and

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Our platform is equipped to fast-track your digital transformation journey. With Nebulai's robust governance framework and incentivizing economic structure, the DSTM offers a range of benefits including risk reduction, improved compliance, increased agility, and financial efficiency. We believe in the power of ideas and the impact they can make when given the right platform. The DSTM is that platform, providing a secure and efficient environment to bring your ideas to fruition and propel innovation. We invite you to join us in this exciting journey of discovery, collaboration, and transformation.


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Problems We Solve

Simplifying Complex Solution Contracting

Signing technology agreements can be a complex and time consuming process. We reduce the risk of errors, dishonesty, and misuse with our streamlined agreement processes

Unlocking Access to Capital

We offer a platform that brings new prospects and monetization opportunities with more predictable results for investors while giving new opportunities to anyone to raise capital to bring ideas to life

Siloed & Expensive Ecosystems

There are too many siloed ecosystems that offer vendor-specific technology solutions and talent ecosystems and intermediaries that charge high contracting fees (up to 30%)

Centralized Ecosystems

There are several marketplaces but due to their centralized nature, they only provide solutions that run on their platforms, impose arbitrary rules, and introduce bias
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Market Opportunity


$T in B2B Marketplaces
According to McKinsey B2B marketplaces will funnel $17T of global revenue by 2030


$T in Digital Transformation
IDC estimates that by 2023 Organizations will spend a close to $7T in Digital Transformation


$T in Technology Spending
Gartner projects that technology spending will surpass $4.5T by 2023

Our Solutions

Streamlined Contracting

We make signing agreements a breeze. These smart agreements automatically check if all the agreed-upon work has been done and automatically handle payments, making the whole process faster and smoother

Accessing Modern Capital

Our platform provides innovative funding technologies for individuals and organizations. We offer novel earning opportunities for investors to accelerate innovation

Integrated & Affordable Ecosystem

We bring together the buying and hiring of solutions and talent into one system. Allowing the creation of new integrated solutions and lowering transaction costs

Decentralized Platform

Our platform has cutting-edge technology that works with any vendor and gives everyone equal and fair access to the platform while eliminating the need for intermediaries
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The Decentralized Solutions and Talent Marketplace


DSTM High Level

Smart Contract Integration

At the heart of the Nebulai Marketplace lies the innovative integration of smart contracts. These self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into lines of code simplify and secure the transaction process. They not only eliminate the need for intermediaries, but also ensure trust, transparency, and efficiency in every transaction, thereby redefining the standards of business engagements.


Decentralized Architecture

Nebulai Marketplace leverages the power of decentralized technology to provide a secure, unbiased, and democratic platform. By eliminating central points of failure and control, our decentralized structure ensures a fair and equitable marketplace that empowers every participant, whether they are solution providers, talent, or businesses.


Integrated DeFi Solutions

The Nebulai Marketplace brings the revolution of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to the forefront of business interactions. By enabling organizations to access funding through modern, decentralized mechanisms, we offer an innovative and efficient alternative to traditional financial systems. This not only democratizes access to capital but also presents novel opportunities for investors.


Advanced Data Security & IP Protection

In the digital age, data security and intellectual property (IP) protection are paramount. Nebulai Marketplace utilizes advanced cryptographic techniques and blockchain technology to secure data, ensuring that all transactions, communications, and intellectual properties exchanged on the platform are protected, providing peace of mind for all users.


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Join Our Talent DAO

We see the need for Talent to have a venue and a platform from which to transact safely, efficiently, and with low fees. Talent is the collective engine for innovation and the kinetic fabric upon which the economic advancement of our society depends. For Nebulai, Talent is an asset, it is the engine for innovation, and the fuel for society to move forward. This DAO is intended to enable the “Nebulai community of Talent”, which includes developers, IT professionals, business users, and non-technical individuals to gather in an active community that provides them the opportunity to vote on proposals intended to shape the future of the Nebulai Marketplace, the TDAO community itself, and perhaps society.


Join our Talent DAO

We have created a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to address the governance of the Nebulai Marketplace and drive additional Web3 innovation. The TDAO is a new type of hybrid DAO where decision making and innovation take place symbiotically. By joining our TDAO you will have the opportunity to join a global Web3 community, participate on interesting projects, and find other ways to monetize your skills and ideas. On top, the purpose of the TDAO is to generate impact on society and our local communities.


Join Our Community

Nebulai thrives on the creation of communities of Web3 developers that can leverage our Decentralized Marketplace to find the best-paying gigs while getting fairly paid for the work they do, without intermediaries! Join us as we develop this decentralized marketplace so you can shape the functionality of our platform, participate in creating new sub-communities, and take part in our joint future.


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