Talent DAO

The Nebulai Talent DAO


We see the need for Talent to have a venue and a platform from which to transact safely, efficiently, and with low fees. Talent is the collective engine for innovation and the kinetic fabric upon which the economic advancement of our society depends. For Nebulai, Talent is an asset, it is the engine for innovation, and the fuel for society to move forward.

We are building the first Catalyst Platform in the world. Our Decentralized Solutions and Talent Marketplace (DSTM) also referenced as Nebulai Marketplace is a dynamic ecosystem where Companies, Talent, Solution Providers, and Investors can gather to commerce seamlessly by leveraging Web 3 technologies. For more information go to: https://nebulai.com/whitepaper/

We have created a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to address the governance of the Nebulai Marketplace and drive additional Web3 innovation. The main objective of the Nebulai Talent DAO, (TDAO) is to establish a feedback loop for the DAO's decision-making and automation for the advancement of the Nebulai Marketplace. The second objective is the creation of a thriving community of Remote and Field Technical Talent that can benefit from the social, collaborative, and monetization effects of participation in the TDAO. This DAO is intended to enable the “Nebulai community of Talent”, which includes developers, IT professionals, business users, and non-technical individuals to gather in an active community that provides them the opportunity to vote on proposals intended to shape the future of the Nebulai Marketplace, the TDAO community itself, and perhaps society.




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