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Trying to make a strategic decision such as choosing a Cloud Service Provider can be a complicated and risky task. We will work with your strategic team to understand your business in order to find the right strategic partner for your company.

Especially when talking about Cloud Migration projects can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Nebulai has years of technical expertise to tackle any Cloud project. Additionally, we will migrate your on-premise or Cloud infrastructure without the risk of business disruption.


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Cloud Security and Compliance

Security in the Cloud is the primary concern of any business even before considering the Cloud as a platform to run their mission-critical applications. From our experience, businesses that adopt the Cloud do not normally have the in-house expertise to deploy a mission-critical application that has all the considerations necessary to avoid security risks. Our security experts at Nebulai will assess your current or future configurations in order to minimize any possible security risk.

Compliance is the third-largest concern that businesses has before adopting the Cloud. It is important to have a real understanding of the necessary requirements that your business has before adopting any Cloud provider. We, at Nebulai, will take into consideration your business requirements and will assist you in finding the right Cloud provider.

Managed Cloud

Stop worrying about not having the in-house expertise to take full advantage of the Cloud. Nebulai will manage your Cloud infrastructure by providing a flexible management framework that ensures the highest return of your Cloud investments.

Before moving to the Cloud it is important to ensure that your current data center meets the necessary requirements to smoothly transition to the Cloud. We will work with your internal team or provide the technical expertise to assess your current environment in order to find and resolve possible issues that could disrupt your business operations if not taken into consideration before migrating to the Cloud.

Designing applications for the Cloud is a challenging task due to the multiple differences between Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and the traditional way of deploying infrastructure. CSPs have many differences such as in scalability, availability, and supportability. Nebulai will take all of those considerations before assessing your current Cloud configuration in order to provide you with a comprehensive report that not only highlights components and configurations to be improved but provides a clear roadmap to a better Cloud implementation.

We will enable your organization to drive efficiency and best practices across your private and public cloud infrastructure.

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