The Problems

At Nebulai, we believe there's a better way to conduct business online. In the past, people have used traditional centralized marketplaces to reduce the risk of working with unknown and untrusted sellers. These marketplaces used tools like reputation systems, payment gateways, and identity verification to help make transactions safer.

But now, with the help of blockchain technology, we believe there's an even better solution. Our decentralized marketplace lets organizations find and hire the technology solutions and talent they need without having to worry about risks. This is possible thanks to features like smart contracts, decentralized identities, and a decentralized reputation system. These tools allow for secure, one-to-many, or many-to-many transactions, giving businesses peace of mind as they work to digitize their operations.

The Problem

The process of finding the right technology solution for a company and digitizing their business is difficult and full of challenges. Companies struggle to find the right provider, deal with multiple contracts and high legal fees, pay high transaction fees, and often create intellectual property that goes unused.

On the other hand, technology providers face challenges such as not being paid on time, difficulty finding customers, lack of funding for new developments, and a lack of collaboration opportunities. Additionally, talent engagement in projects can also be unfair, with knowledge workers facing issues such as bias, delayed or non-payment, and limited direct opportunities to work with large organizations.

Nebulai aims to solve these problems by creating a decentralized marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of technology solutions and talent. Investors will also have the opportunity to provide capital through Decentralized Finance, while both companies and technology providers benefit from increased security, control, and transparency in transactions. By removing intermediaries and creating a fair ecosystem, Nebulai empowers all parties to transact with confidence.


The following are the key problems we are solving for:

  1. Signing agreements can be complicated and take a long time, which can lead to costly mistakes, fraud, and abuse. This can be a burden for companies and talent alike, as they may need to invest extra time and resources to resolve issues. The complexity of the process also opens the door for dishonest practices, which can further harm the parties involved.
  2. Investors face a major challenge in accessing capital, which can be difficult and cumbersome to obtain. Without access to capital, they are unable to take advantage of new investment opportunities, which can limit their potential for growth and profitability. Investors need a platform that can bring new prospects and monetization opportunities with predictable results, so they can secure the capital they need to grow and succeed.
  3. The market is filled with siloed ecosystems that offer vendor-specific technology solutions and talent ecosystems, but these come with high contracting fees (up to 20%) that can make it difficult for organizations to acquire the solutions and talent they need. This is problematic, as it can limit the ability of organizations to find the right solutions and talent to meet their needs, and can also increase costs and slow down the process.
  4. Centralized ecosystems only provide solutions that run on their platforms, impose arbitrary rules, and charge high transaction fees. This can limit the ability of organizations to find the solutions and talent they need, as they are limited to the solutions available on the platform. The centralized nature of these ecosystems also leaves organizations vulnerable to arbitrary rules and policies and can limit their control over the process. The high transaction fees can also make it more expensive for organizations to transact business, which can limit their profitability and competitiveness.