For many years we have been accustomed to transacting goods and services on traditional centralized marketplaces to reduce the risk of transacting with unknown and untrusted sellers and facilitate financial transactions through intermediation from a centralized party. Blockchain technologies are enabling a new and better way of transacting and conducting business.

Buying online is a risky business. To that effect, traditional marketplaces have previously used different techniques and methods to reduce risks, including reputation systems, payment gateways, identity verification systems, among others. Nebulai proposes a new and better way of transacting technology solutions and human Talent. This new way is via a decentralized marketplace which allows organizations to search and find Solutions and Talent needed to digitize their business without having to incur the risk of transacting with unknown parties or unverified providers and Talent. The marketplace we propose, de-risks transactions utilizing blockchain technology, smart contracts, decentralized identities, and a decentralized reputation system that allow for one to many or many to many contract arrangements.


The Problem

The business to business (B2B) buying journey today isn’t easy, companies looking to digitize their business are having a hard time finding the right technology provider for their business challenge and losing a lot of time trying to pick a technology provider that can work on their project; making sure that the provider can deliver on the project specifications on time and budget; having to deal with multiple contracts and high legal fees and complexity;  paying high transaction fees when transferring funds to their vendors, and more often than not, creating Intellectual Property (IP) that does not get monetized.

On the technology provider side, not getting paid on time; customers changing the scope of the contract;  inability to find customers for their solutions; inability to get funding to develop new intellectual property; not having an ecosystem that can enable collaboration with other providers, and not having a platform that allows them to monetize their IP.

Furthermore, investors that join our ecosystem will be able to leverage Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to provide capital for organizations and technology providers in exchange for revenue share on the solutions and IP developed in the DSTM.

Any projects that involve the engagement of human talent are not necessarily fair all the time for the knowledge worker, they may not get hired at all due to bias; they may not get paid on time, or at all for the work they do; and they may not be able to engage directly on projects with large organizations without intermediaries in a way that allows for fair trade of their services.

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