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DART is an extensive tool for evaluating cloud readiness, offering detailed insights into an enterprise’s application portfolio to develop a customized modernization plan. It goes beyond simple inventory analysis by examining the detailed components, structure, dependencies, and complexity of applications. DART provides specific recommendations on cloud readiness, estimates efforts, and formulates a strategic migration plan for each application, enabling a knowledgeable and effective modernization approach.

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Product Description

DART stands as a comprehensive cloud-readiness evaluation tool, providing deep insights into your enterprise application portfolio to craft a personalized modernization roadmap. It extends beyond basic application inventory analysis, delving into the intricate aspects of application components, topology, dependencies, and overall complexity. With DART, you receive tailored recommendations for cloud readiness, effort estimation, and a strategic migration blueprint for each application, ensuring a well-informed and efficient modernization strategy.

Business Benefits:

  • Future-Ready Plans: Ensures applications are prepared for future challenges and opportunities.
  • Risk Prevention: Identifies and mitigates potential hurdles in your modernization journey.
  • Maximized Returns: Discovers opportunities for significant cost savings and ROI enhancement.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: Assesses the strengths and improvement areas of your application portfolio for a robust modernization foundation.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Detects and preempts possible challenges, ensuring smooth modernization.
  • Strategic Cost Efficiency: Reveals pathways to substantial cost savings and potential ROI through modernization insights.

Technical Benefits:

  • Multidimensional Application Insights: Offers a deep, intelligent analysis of your application inventory, including components, topology, dependencies, and complexity.
  • Sustainability and ESG Scoring*: Provides insights into ESG Green Score reporting at various levels for a comprehensive sustainability overview. (*Upcoming release)
  • Cloud Readiness Recommendations: Delivers customized guidance on cloud readiness indicators for strategic decision-making.
  • Projected Cost Savings: Presents a clear view of potential cost savings aligned with your chosen modernization strategy.
  • 12 Factor App Risk Analysis: Conducts a thorough risk assessment based on the 12 factor app principles, essential for modernization.
  • Intelligent Migration Pathways: Creates a detailed migration blueprint for each application, including effort estimation, to guide your strategy.

DART empowers your enterprise with the necessary insights and tools to confidently navigate the complexities of application modernization. With tailored recommendations and strategic planning, DART is your blueprint to excellence, ready to future-proof your application landscape.