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Smart contract auditing services involve reviewing and analyzing the code underlying a smart contract or decentralized application (dApp) to ensure its security, functionality, and compliance with best practices. This process typically involves a thorough examination of the code, testing for potential vulnerabilities or bugs, and providing feedback to the project team to address any issues found. The goal of a smart contract audit is to increase confidence in the reliability and safety of the contract or dApp, and to mitigate the risk of potential security breaches or financial loss.


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Product Description

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable smart contract/dApp audit service? Look no further than our service! We offer a robust audit process that ensures a thorough review of your project, with two cross-checking reviews to catch any potential issues. Plus, we provide prompt support to help you fix any problems found during the audit. Once completed, we even announce your project on social media to help spread the word. And if you're looking for further support beyond the audit, we can connect you with our ecosystem partners for marketing, fundraising, and incubation assistance. Trust us to provide top-notch quality and affordable pricing for all your smart contract/dApp needs.

Audit Process

Services Features:

  • Robust audit process to make sure that the smart contracts/ dApps are reviewed thoroughly -Affordable pricing with top-notch quality
  • Two reviews in the audit to cross-check things properly (One Initial review and One Final review)
  • Prompt support in helping the project team in fixing the issues found during the audit.
  • Social Media announcements after the audit.
  • Support in Marketing/Fundraising/Incubation through our ecosystem partners

Business Outcomes:

  • 700+ Projects Audited in Defi, NFT, and DAO
  • 700K + Lines of codes audited
  • 1000's of high and mid-level Vulnerable issues detected for the projects audited
  • Billion $ of Investors' funds protected subsequently
  • Trusted partner for Launchpad, venture funds, and companies like Polygon DAO, TeDefi, Pinksale, Unicrypt, Superlauncher, dxsale and many others
  • Audit accepted by 50+ exchanges.