T-REX Issue, Manage, and Transfer Security Tokens Seamlessly


The T-REX platform is a user-friendly solution that allows asset owners to digitally and compliantly issue, allocate, and manage security tokens, whilst providing an improved and highly transferable service for their investors.


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Product Description

T-REX: The T-REX platform is an innovative and user-friendly solution that empowers asset owners to issue, allocate, and manage security tokens with ease and compliance. It revolutionizes the way investors engage with their assets by offering a seamless and highly transferable service.


1) Factory:

  • Streamlined Fundraising: T-REX enables asset owners to efficiently complete their fundraising process by allocating security tokens to eligible investors. This process is quick and straightforward, allowing for hassle-free token issuance.
  • Compliant Token Creation: With T-REX, asset owners can swiftly create and deploy compliant security tokens. The platform ensures adherence to regulatory standards, providing a secure and legally sound environment for tokenization.
  • Blockchain Identity Management: T-REX facilitates the deployment of blockchain identities for investors, enhancing security and transparency throughout the investment journey. Additionally, the platform offers integration with KYC/AML services of choice for robust verification.
  • Self-Service and Scalability: T-REX offers a self-service model that empowers users to manage their tokenized assets efficiently. The platform is scalable, accommodating the growth and evolving needs of the users.

2) Servicing:

  • Advanced Security Actions: T-REX goes beyond basic reporting functionality, allowing asset owners to perform essential actions on the securities. This includes token recovery processes and other critical security-related operations.
  • Automated Cap Table Management: The platform simplifies and automates cap table management, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records of token ownership.
  • Direct Communication with Investors: T-REX facilitates direct and seamless communication between asset owners and investors, fostering a stronger investor-issuer relationship.
  • Scheduled Reporting: T-REX enables scheduled delivery of transaction and position reports, providing investors with real-time insights into their holdings.

3) Onboard:

  • Digital Investor Qualification: T-REX facilitates digital qualification and subscription of investors, streamlining the onboarding process and reducing paperwork.
  • Digital Onboarding Funnel: Asset owners can create a digital onboarding funnel for investors, making it easy for them to participate in investment opportunities.
  • Quick Wallet Creation: T-REX allows investors to swiftly create wallets, simplifying the process of holding and managing digital securities.
  • Compliance Enforcement: The platform ensures strict compliance adherence, minimizing the risk for asset owners and investors alike.

4) Investor Portal:

  • Interactive Interface: T-REX offers investors a digital and interactive portal, providing them with easy access to manage and monitor their digital securities.
  • Built-in Investor Custody: The platform offers built-in investor custody services, enhancing security and trust for investors.
  • Direct Communication with Issuers: Investors can directly communicate with issuers through the portal, fostering transparency and facilitating seamless interactions.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: T-REX provides detailed and comprehensive investor reporting, enabling investors to stay informed about their holdings.

5) Billboard:

  • Enhanced Liquidity: T-REX improves liquidity for investors through encoded compliance measures, ensuring a safe and reliable environment for asset trading.
  • Bulletin Boards: The platform enables investors to discover and connect with each other through bulletin boards, facilitating peer-to-peer interactions.
  • Buy and Sell Offers: Investors can make buy and sell offers on the platform, facilitating smooth and efficient asset transfers.
  • Transaction-based Fees: T-REX allows asset owners to monetize their investors by implementing transaction-based fees, providing a sustainable revenue stream.

In summary, T-REX is a comprehensive and powerful platform that simplifies the entire lifecycle of security tokens for asset owners while enhancing the experience for investors through advanced features and compliance measures.