Decentralized Marketplaces and How DAOs Can Help

Decentralized Marketplaces and how DAOs can help

Trust and honesty are the vital components of any affiliation but are hard to attain in a negotiation as associations are incentivized to improve their negotiating position to accomplish their best possible result. While the key purpose of the traditional market is the centralization of the trade process. Centralized marketplaces ineffectively level set the playing field by restricting and controlling additional information to buyers and sellers to tie the knowledge gap. This approach has worked for a short period. However, some of the centralized marketplaces exploit their affluent position as an intermediary to develop their interests as an alternative of unbiasedly and unfairly facilitating.

DAO (Decentralized autonomous organizations) are altering the thought about how we think organizations work, or how they might work in the coming future. Because of their exceptional structure, DAOs make the promise of focusing on community, instead of just profit, and may provide a more communally-conscious structure.

What is a DAO?

If you aren’t still familiar with the idea, DAOs are self-managed establishments that are well-defined through a transparent set of guidelines encoded just like a computer program. The exclusive feature of a DAO is that they decrease the requirement for traditional hierarchies or managers, as the instructions are embedded in a code, letting the organization perform independently by the organization’s members.

Thus, they can make organizational decisions autonomously and collectively by a procedure of decentralized governance, dissimilar from traditional centralized establishments where large shareholders and executives can often carry a disproportionate degree of authority and individual contributors do not have a chance to influence the overall company direction.

How DAOs can help to democratize them

Starting a business or organization with somebody that involves capital and money entails lots of trust in the individuals you're working with. It’s hard to believe in someone when you are interacting with them only on the Internet. By DAOs, no need to believe in anyone else in the group, just trust the DAO’s code, which is verifiable and 100% transparent. Nebulai aims to tie the digital divide with advanced technology solutions to advantage humanity.

Smart contracts are the backbone of a DAO. This contract describes the rules and regulations of any organization and carries the group's treasury. When the contract is present on Ethereum, nobody can alter the rules excluding by a vote. If someone tries to do somewhat that's not protected by the logic and rules in the code, it will fail. And the treasury is well-defined by a smart contract too which explains nobody can occupy the money without the approval of the group either. It means DAOs don't require any central authority. As an alternative, the group takes decisions together and, when the votes pass, payments are approved automatically.

Here we discuss some of the exclusive decisions you can take as a token holder of a DAO:

  • Voting on external expenditures that the business makes (for example who to become a partner with, who to finance money from outside the association).
  • What products are available on the association’s roadmap?
  • What type of employees can be appointed to make the products inside the roadmap?
  • How will be profits distributed between the DAO token holders?

DAOs empower a huge array of countless business models that earlier were not possible to create. This leads to the opportunity of all kinds of autonomously designed and run organizations or businesses; which contain but aren’t limited: decentralized marketplaces, dispersed venture capital partnerships, decentralized hedge funds, decentralized public utilities, decentralized governments, — and any decentralized entity imagination can create.

Benefits to Business

DAO offers the following assistance to businesses:


Cheers to the smart contracts, once the instructions of a DAO are given, decisions are automatically enforced, without any human input.


No single individual or entity has complete control over a DAO. Intrinsically, DAOs do not occupy a leading point of failure. It eliminates uncertainty or doubts and rises security and participation because the business ledger is shared through all associates of the DAO.


The basic purpose of the DAT (Decentralized Autonomous Trust) is to assure a maintainable financing framework for a venture. Offering a nonstop open primary marketplace permits funding to last indefinitely. It provides firmness to the CO.


Dissimilar from legacy administrations, a DAO has a smooth structure with slight to no management building in place. Decision-making power in the business is provided to every token-holder. This authority is relative to the tokens carried by a member, still, it does not allow them further privileges or rights.

Benefits to Consumers

Here we discuss some points that DAOs directly advantage consumers and help to democratize decentralization:

Capability to invest freely into the several DAOs that we consider most beneficial to us.

Comprehensive ownership of the investments or reserves that you participate in; entities are held digitally liable for any kind of creations that originate from a crowd sale of a DAO, growing the probabilities of a return for customers (no further canceled KickStarters that “couldn’t make it occur”.)

Permits individuals worldwide to equivalent playing ground while determining what organizations/ businesses to invest in.

Comprehensive clarity means that customers’ investments are lesser at risk, and people can be more knowledgeable about the strategic business decisions which are made in real-time.

Capability to sell and trade your exclusive DAO tokens to individuals peer-to-peer without any complex financial/ technical knowledge.

DAO investors can also participate in inception projects, to exit — all deprived of ever having gone through complex regulatory obstacles, or fill out complex paperwork.

Final Words

Hopefully, this simple and thorough explanation was sufficient to pique your attention. We pride ourselves on the existence of one of the first corporations to present a bonding curve-enabled constant organization to the marketplace. We offer DAO development, along with DAO infrastructure tooling and development.

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