Nebulai Collaborates with Miami Dade College and Florida International University to Educate on the Impact of Web3 Technologies

Nebulai Collaborates with Miami Dade College and Florida International University to Educate on the Impact of Web3 Technologies

Empowering the local Miami community to understand Web3 technologies for a better society and greater opportunities.

Miami, FL (June 20th, 2022) – Nebulai Corporation, an innovative Web3 Miami-based Decentralized Solutions & Talent Marketplace, is collaborating with Miami Dade College (MDC) and Florida International University (FIU), to organize an educational session for the local community to learn about Web3 technologies, how they impact the business space, and how young professionals can get started with the technology.



The session will take place on June 30th starting at 5 pm EDT.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Miami Dade College and Florida International University on the education and adoption of Web3 technologies. We at Nebulai, believe Web3 applications are disrupting the way we do business and bringing amazing opportunities to all” said Luis Rios, Chief Executive Officer of Nebulai.

The Web3 Sessions are educational sessions oriented to bring together the local community while collaborating with industry experts to evangelize the benefits of Web3 technologies.

This is not the first time Nebulai collaborates with Miami Dade College to promote emerging technologies, back on June 1st and 2nd of 2021, Nebulai co-hosted a session to educate the local community around blockchain technologies. The event was very well attended with over 400 registrants and people from all levels of expertise participating and learning about these new technologies.

Nebulai has been supportive of the Web3 and Blockchain ecosystem in Miami since early 2021. Additionally, Nebulai is launching the Nebulai Talent DAO which will assemble a global talent community in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to evangelize Web3 technologies, develop new intellectual property, and connect professionals and freelancers with dynamic work opportunities in the space.

Nebulai’s mission is to bridge the digital silos in the technology industry where talent platforms, solution marketplaces, investor networks, and customer challenges remain disconnected without a single ecosystem where they can all do business seamlessly.

Nebulai is passionate about the potential societal and economic impact that a decentralized marketplace can drive by increasing fairness, reducing bias, and promoting greater inclusion. Nebulai is currently fundraising to develop a next-generation blockchain marketplace platform to be used by enterprises as the main ecosystem to commerce and innovate with emerging technology solutions providers & talent. 

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About Nebulai Corp Nebulai Corporation is a Miami-based Web3 company that is developing a Decentralized Solutions & Talent Marketplace which will allow companies, talent, solution providers, and investors to commerce on a Web and Mobile platform.

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