Dragonchain Smart Contracts


Address lack of trust and increase transparency between people and stakeholders with Dragonchain’s smart contracts. Our smart contracts automate any process your business needs reducing unnecessary costs, time expenditure, and inefficiencies in processes. Written in any code language, our smart contracts are published to Docker containers for flexibility and scalability. Dragonchain smart contracts are unique in that they can act as oracles by publishing and watching for information from any source to bring true automation to your business today.

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Product Description

Technology Features

  • Docker and Kubernetes based
  • Any language, any executable code can be deployed as a smart contract
    • Full language capabilities
    • Independently scalable
  • RESTful APIs and multiple SDKs
  • Self oracle capabilities with scheduler
  • Integration with other blockchains
  • Security: Blockchain transactions on your Level 1 business node are private unless explicit permission otherwise. Hashes of transactions are stored in blocks that are connected to previous and subsequent blocks on the distributed ledger.

Business Outcomes

  • Fast time to market
  • Low cost of operations
  • Flexible business-focused integrations
  • Data security
  • Protection and control of business data and processes
  • Measurable proof
  • Proof of contemporaneous system state

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