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Kore.ai specializes in advanced AI technologies, delivering secure and scalable conversational and generative AI solutions designed to enhance both customer and employee experiences across various industries.

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Product Description

The Kore.ai XO Platform leads the transformation in AI technology, boasting the most secure, credible, and scalable generative and conversational AI platform available. It delivers exceptional experiences that significantly enhance sales, offer round-the-clock customer service, and supercharge employee performance with AI assistance. The platform skillfully merges conversational AI intelligence with generative AI innovation, enabling businesses to create memorable and scalable customer experiences​.


Technical Benefits:

  • Conversational and Generative AI Integration: Facilitates the construction of intelligent virtual assistants, enhancing customer engagement by utilizing preferred languages and communication channels​​.
  • AI-Driven Contact Centers: Improves customer service and agent performance, integrating AI-native CCaaS solutions to boost efficiency and reduce costs​​.
  • Customizable LLMs: Offers tools for refining and customizing LLMs and generative AI, targeting enterprise-level applications while ensuring accuracy and relevance​​.
  • Agent Assist Features: Enhances agent productivity with real-time coaching, AI-curated responses, and actionable suggestions​​.
  • Knowledge AI: Employs AI for extracting precise answers and summaries from enterprise knowledge repositories​​.
  • Multi-Model NLU and LLM Orchestration: Achieves high intent recognition rates with orchestrated LLM models​​.
  • Lifecycle Management: Provides tools for ongoing improvement, including development, testing, versioning, and deployment​​.
  • Insights AI: Generates AI-driven reports and custom dashboards for tracking usage metrics and agent performance​​.

Business Benefits:

  • Streamlined Integrations: Facilitates swift deployment and deep integrations with enterprise-wide tools and systems, enhancing operational efficiency​​.
  • Omnichannel Support: Offers native support for over 45 voice and digital channels, meeting customers on their preferred platforms​​.
  • Conversational IVR: Improves customer service by enabling natural language understanding and response, moving beyond traditional IVR limitations​​.

The Kore.ai XO Platform represents a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to leverage AI for improving customer experiences and operational efficiency.