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A state-of-the-art Explainable, and Responsible AI platform that you can use in-cloud or deploy on-premises. We integrate into your development and production environment and support the entire AI life cycle.

We make your AI applications fair, explainable, transparent, accountable, and regulatory compliant. We support access and reporting to cross-functional AI stakeholders. So your data science team can build stakeholder trust in their AI projects and achieve successful deployments.

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Product Description

A state-of-the-art Explainable, and Responsible AI platform that you can use in-cloud or deploy on-premises. We integrate into your development and production environment and support the entire AI life cycle.

We make your AI applications fair, explainable, transparent, accountable, and regulatory compliant. We support access and reporting to cross-functional AI stakeholders. So your data science team can build stakeholder trust in their AI projects and achieve successful deployments.

  1. Full Transparency: Track, manage and rationalize every action
    taken by the AI team and their impacts on model behavior, fairness, and
    performance. Make AI projects transparent - not just AI algorithms.
  2. Full Traceability: State-of-the-art features backed by cutting-edge
    research. Explain model behavior and decisions with traceability -
    identifying the influence of data, model design decisions, and training.
  3. End-to-end AI Lifecycle Support: Support, manage and report
    AI's behavior, risk, and compliance for the entire AI life cycle. Understand how
    the models are trained, compare them for the best solution, and track performance in production.

Technology Features:

  • Tools for building Responsible and Explainable AI solutions
  • Ensuring Fair and transparent AI
  • Making AI explainable and trackable
  • Auditing AI applications
  • Identity, track and manage AI risks
  • Monitor AI applications at all stages of their lifecycle
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with global regulations, standards, and guidelines

Business Outcomes:

  • Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • AI application compliant with global regulatory requirements
  • De-risking AI application development and adoption