Web3 – The Future of the Internet

The Future of the Internet

Web 3.0 is the next evolution of the Internet, and it is emerging as a decentralized experience-rich platform that gives users more control over their online data and the ability to be part of the ecosystem of applications that will be consumed through this new model.

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This new Internet is being built on the back of blockchain technology. Not only that, but it will also give users more control and privacy over their online data, more opportunities for the ones that participate in creating these new services, and the potential to ownership and monetization of the digital data estate.

With Web 3.0, machines and humans can interact more seamlessly than ever before. The technology developed as a part of Web 3.0 will allow for the creation of new services and applications that are not possible with the current centralized model of the Internet. The next generation of companies and Internet services will be created, and they will disrupt the big technology names we know today so we all must start getting ready for this transition.

The broad view of the web 3.0 concept is built with an idea of secure decentralization and ownership where the data is spread across the network and not centrally stored and owned. It also uses decentralized apps that are made on Blockchain layers, NFTs, and other such technologies. Every user will have complete control over their data as it is not stored on any central server but rather on the user’s digital wallet. The biggest advantage of using web 3.0 is that it gives users more control over their data, online activity, and the ability to own and monetize it.



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