Qualetics AI Management System


Complex AI solutions are out of reach for many businesses due to the cost, time, and skill required to set up. This is important especially for Startups and other IT firms that deal with data regularly. This is where Qualetics improves the status quo by offering an AI Management System that simplifies the onboarding of Analytics and AI to companies and reduces the complexity of implementation from taking months and years to weeks.

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Product Description

Technology Features

  • Continuous data integration & data analysis
  • Continuous Insights
  • Real-time Visualizations, Reports & Animations
  • Historic Insights
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Insights
  • Automated Insights
  • Security for your insights
  • Control and monitor access to the insights
  • API Integration to integrate with client applications
  • Data Science as a Service

Business Outcomes

  • Accelerated time to market for AI Features
  • Reduced data collection and processing costs
  • Reduced technology overhead
  • AI at scale to support growing businesses